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“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”

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Founded in 1997, NiSUS Technologies Corporation is a privately held company based in Columbia, Maryland. With highly competitive rates, we provide talented personnel and consultants for a number of disciplines. Our services include requirements development, conceptualization, design, and implementation that encompasses the entire development life cycle including the production of the final product. NiSUS Technologies applies innovative techniques to assure cost-effective results and rapid project completion.


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We provide Program Management Services such as planning, design, requirements analysis, development, configuration management, testing, help desk, and maintenance.

Design & Development

We design, develop and deliver innovative solutions for Federal and State Governments as well as Commercial clients. Our solutions are easily integrated and work securely within today's web-based or networked environments.


We develop systems rapidly through use of early prototypes to prove our design concepts. We believe that customer input in the design process is very important and we involve you in every step of development.


We are well versed in System Engineering and System Architecture disciplines. Services will be performed through collaborative development. 


We provide System Protection, Network Boundary Protection, Multi-Level Security and Data Access, Security Monitoring and Audits, Security Incident Response, and System Security Plans.


We provide System Administrators who provide support to the enterprise hardware infrastructure team and support the office wide administration for all new systems both within the U.S. and globally.

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NiSUS Technologies is all about commitment. This is exemplified in our dedication to our customers and to our employees. The mission is never forgotten, and neither are you, the employee. NiSUS offers an environment where our employees share their experiences, present innovative ideas, and explore their creativity with some of the best engineers in the industry. Our employee’s success and satisfaction is proven by our high-retention rate. All of our senior engineers have been with us since the founding of the company. At NiSUS, we invest in our employees’ quality of life, by offering a favorable benefits program.

To achieve and maintain such an environment, we need to learn more about you and you need to learn more about us. We strive to follow up individually with everyone who shows interest, and we look forward to meeting you.


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